Reblog: “Why You Should Embrace Your Quarter-Life Crisis”

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From my own experience, the process involves a lot of something (courage, stress, change) and then even more nothing. There’s a surprising amount of waiting that goes into looking for a new job — not to mention the influx of rejection emails that all include the detested phrase, “unfortunately.”

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The quarter-life crisis is real — although, not everyone will experience it. The lucky ones will maintain their carefully crafted identity until they reach some other stage of life that challenges this image and forces a re-examination. Others will shed their identity – the one that was once beneficial but is now greatly ineffective – in a long, frustrating, lonely, exhilarating process. Either way, life presents a number of challenges that force us to look at who we are and what we want — regardless of age, be it quarter-life, mid-life, or end-life, we all have to make the choice to either continue with what has been or make changes to what isn’t working.

Films tell the story very neatly. Generally, our lovable, clumsy, twenty-something protagonist is stuck in an unsatisfying job, barely making ends meet since finishing college, and unable to maintain a healthy and happy…

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