So many threads threaded between lives. They make spider webs that are hard to tell apart. They can make up bridges and life supports, with networks of connecting dots that form continuous lines like etch-a-sketches-destinies and fates and paths neatly traced with every error a part of a greater scheme; like order for existential chaos, meaning for meaninglessness or patterns for a thousand tiny independent filaments as part of a greater fabric.

They can make up families and other friendly ties. They go from the source to the stream in one simple highway and many country roads, like a main arteries to its many capillaries, with one main connector, a huge pumping heart.

But lifelines can also be anchors- heavy like weighs- constraining fishing lines that keep reining you in, and you swim against the current, but tied there’s just no use trying to escape. Lifelines can be a reference, a comforting reminder, a way to know you’re never lost, but they also keep you from exploring the deep blue ocean and all the vast spaces you’ve been dreaming of.

The key is finding the right balance to keep; how long to make the thread, how many of them to have. Sometimes, no matter how long the rope is, it’s never long enough; the only foreseeable outcome being that you’ll end up getting hung with it.

Yet it’s never an easy decision to cut a line.

So you hope to have wisdom and just enough lifelines for the illusion of a safety net… as you delve deeper into the unknown.

For my part, I’m still deciding-choosing- which ones to keep.

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