I must be the most irrational person on the planet.

I believe that when you accept a responsibility, you become accountable and thus don’t flake.

I believe that giving your word means following through.

I believe in having faith in people, that even my most cynical comments are blatant lies and that people deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I believe some people are shitty not because of some cosmic entity that makes it so, but because we are the choices we make. *I’m looking at you, specifically*. You know who you are.

I believe it’s easy to be cynical, to be critical of the world/people/life, that it’s way too convenient to express discontent rather than to take action and make something about anything.

I believe the creeping entitlement of my generation is appalling and I’m ashamed to be labelled a ‘millennial’ or ‘gen Y’.

I believe we live in a narcissistic culture of selfies and indulgence and it makes me debate sometimes whether writing the things I write in my blog doesn’t exactly fall into that trap. It makes me want to be silent sometimes.

I believe the more I learn and grow, the less I know, and I hope it instills me with a sense of humility and open-mindedness. I believe it’s important to see oneself as an unfinished product. ‘Arriving’ is the thing that scares me the most.

I believe in people, but sometimes I doubt them, and I doubt myself. I doubt my judgment, I doubt the underlying reasons that make me try so hard to understand (masochism? insecurity? narcissism?)

I believe circumstances change, that you can’t hold anything or anyone down… but I sometimes have trouble putting the thought into practice.

I believe in things that are in complete contradiction with facts. I trust ‘my gut’ even if I know it’s sometimes wrong. I follow my heart even when my mind opposes it. I make the same mistakes more than once… And I try to reassure myself that if I’m repeating them, it’s because I had some other layer to understand.

I believe that it’s okay to be irrational… and I no longer care if people want to think I’m nuts for it. I’m finally accepting that in that regard, the only person I am accountable towards is myself. In other words, if you think I’m crazy, I truly do not give a damn.

Lastly, and more importantly, I believe that even my strongest belief may be subject to change.

So there you have it folks.

Image 1 source: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (Disney, 1951)


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