Sometimes life feels like a giant ocean.

Some people prefer to watch from the shore- the horizon line, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, swimmers and sailboats. Other people can’t stay still; they dive and go on exploring the world, one island at the time.

I used to think I was a swimmer, but I was a dreamer mostly. I didn’t realize all I was doing was dreaming until I met a real traveler. He told me about the waves, the various currents, the way the sun shines differently in other places. He made me dream, but these dreams were different… Dreaming them somehow didn’t feel good enough anymore. I started to envy him. I started to wish he could carry me with him. I held the wrong idea that he would be the solution. I was an observer of life and I had to realize no one but myself could change a thing to it. You see the truth is, I was a dreamer because I had the soul of an adventurer… Except, years and years of fear and limitations, of doing the right thing, of being the person other people wanted me to be… I figured I’d dream for now; I hadn’t realized that’s how adventurers become anchored to the shore, that dreams end up fading away if you don’t grasp them, if you don’t take a chance and chase them in reality.

Last year, I started to look at the ocean differently. It felt scary, but in a good way- the way it feels before you start something new. I figured: sometimes the waves carry you, sometimes you fight to stay afloat, but the better part of life is spent swimming, not watching from the shore. Once I was in the water, I became different; I started to see what he meant, what I could be, and suddenly I didn’t feel so overcome and lost.

You see, it took a couple of trials, of fighting against the waves, of tripping trying to get into the ocean… But I’ve surrendered now. I answered to the call. I understand the way things are, and rather than swimming against the current for the way I want things to be, I find that surrender becomes a long awaited relief as I let the waves carry me.

I’ve come this far. It all seems clearer to me.

‘Surrender to the big wave, and see where it leads you’.

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2 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. The one truth about playing in the waves is you are bound to realize there is no way to avoid being overcome by them at some point. When that happens, it is very freeing. I learned the same lesson when learning to surf.

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